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About the Artist

Stacy Petersen


When you live in the frozen Interior of Alaska you need a creative outlet. The winters are long, dark, and usually bitter cold, while the summers can sometimes be abundantly rainy, but most often are beautiful and warm with nearly 24 hours of light. 

I'm a self-taught artist, who has recently begun to develop her talent. I took one art class in eighth grade, had a less than encouraging teacher and opted out of further classes. I found other creative outlets and moved on. 

 I was in high school when a rubber stamping moved onto the crafting scene. I I learned the magic of embossing powered, how to make tiny gift bags from envelopes, how to layer images and some cool ink techniques in a tiny little shop, Rocky Mountain Impressions. It was here that I fell in love with the world of rubber stamps and learned to make cards. 

If you'd have asked me back then I would have told you it was a phase. I would have never guessed that twenty plus years later I would have packed my card making supplies through four states. 

 With all the moving my art has expanded and grown. I've always been creative but only in the past five years have I begun my artful journey. If I'm honest, only in the last year have I had the courage to let down my guard and jump in with both feet. 

 I've admired mixed media art for several years, but for whatever reason I'd never been brave enough to just try it, to explore and shed my inhibitions. I decided one morning that I didn't want to wake up one morning and wish I had done this, so here we are. 

Opening the door to art has taught me a lot, but what matters most is my heart and soul are full. I really believe that art should be set free and be enjoyed. My passion has given me the courage to continue on this journey. I'm inspired by the creative life I choose to live and the world that surrounds me.